Visitor Center-Zane Grey Museum

March 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Joan Pierce in Uncategorized

A visitor information center for the Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River is planned for the lower floor of the Zane Grey Museum in Lackawaxen to orient visitors to the 73.4 mile Upper Delaware park.  Location of the Center will also return interest to Grey’s fame as a Wild West novelist.  The new center will be named the Upper Delaware Visitor Center at the Zone Grey House.  Plans to relocate the Delaware Highland Conservancy’s Eagle Institute winter field office to the Zane Grey Museum are also underway.  Other aspects of Zane Grey’s life – his dental career and baseball playing – will continue to be showcased at his former home.  Mr. Grey (1872-1939) lived in Lackawaxen from 1905-1918 writing novels here and fishing on the Delaware River.  He is best known for his novels describing the Western Frontier.  His most famous work ‘Riders of the Purple Sage’ was written in 1912.  Mr. Grey’s house was sold to the National Park Service in 1989.

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